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Folk arts of kerala in malayalam

1.    Thiruvathirakali  :    One of the traditional arts of Kerala, Thiruvathirakali is played only by ladies. It is played as a  ritual in connection with the festival Thiruvathira.In this a group of ladies stand in circle in front of a nilavilakku and put rhythemic steps while singing songs. They dance around the lamp and change their place mutually while clapping their hands. Special lyrics have been composed for this. Traditional costumes are used for this.

       2    Margamkali   :   Margamkali is a traditional folk dance of syrian Christians in Kerala. Both men and women play Margamkali. A group of 12 persons surrounding a lighted lamp,step rythmically according to the song. The lighted lamp represents Jesus Christ and 12 persons represent the 12 Apostles of Jesus. People wear the traditional dresses of Syrian Christhians in Kerala to play Margamkali. The song tells the story of the visit and works of St. Thomas among the people of Kerala.

      3.    Theyyam   :    A ritual form of Kerala,Theyyam is performed as a worship of God. Godesses like Bhagavathi, Chamundi and Kali have more importance in Theyyam. These Godesses are known by the different names in different villages and  the Theyyams performed in a village chooses the particular name of that village Godess. Theyyams are performed also in memory of great women who lived in Kerala in ancient times. Usually Theyyam is played by the people of Scheduled Tribes. The special dresses and costumes are called Theyyakkolam. The song for Theyyam is Thottappattu. Fire dance and Sword dance are sometimes included in Theyyam. 
     4.    Kolkali   :   In other words Koladi or Kampumkali is a folk art of Kerala. In olden days it was performed only by Dalits. Muslims also perform this art in some places of Northern Kerala. Holding short canes on both hands and tapping it each other and on to canes on othres hands, a group of men dance with the rhythm of song.

    5.    Oppana   :   Oppana is an art form of Muslims in Kerala. It is played on ceremonial occasions mainly during Marriage functions. Both men and women plays Oppana, by surrounding the bride and bridegroom, clapping hands and singing songs. Songs used in Oppana are in the form of Mappilapattu. The leader sings first and the participants repeat the lines. Oppana is played by sitting, standing and by surrounding the main person. Traditional costumes of Muslims are used in Oppana.

   6.    Parichamuttukali  :   A martial art like Kalaripayattu, Parichamuttukali is commonly played as a ritual form. A group of men surrounding the 'Kalariyaasan' the main dancer, sing and dance showing the steps on martial art. The dance ends with a worshipping of Godess Saraswathi. Usually Parichamuttukali is played by holding sword and shield.

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